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ExtremeTerrain's Clean Trail Grant Award

The Wabash Trace is excited to be one of ExtremeTerrain's Clean Trail Grant Award recipients! ExtremeTerrain is an online off-road outfitter for Jeeps and other vehicles. Although their specialty is accessories for motorized vehicles that use off-road trails, they realize that their customers use all types of trails and their Clean Trail Grant program has that in mind. Information about the Clean Trail Grant program from their website states:

"With great power comes great responsibility. The custom built, and modified, Jeeps and trucks we all love do have an impact on the land they travel over. Even with careful use of things like winches and tow straps , trails can take a beating.

When we wrap our aftermarket wheels in big, honkin’ 33+ inch off-road tires , or drag our skid plates on some righteous rocks, the terrain can get chewed up. When we bounce around rocky terrain with no tops, or camp out for the night, we may leave some accidental trash behind.

Here at ExtremeTerrain, we respect the integrity of the landscape we live, drive and play on, and strive to leave the trails we enjoy better than we found them.

For this reason we are pleased to launch the Clean Trail Grant program as outlined below:

This program will provide eligible groups the opportunity to apply for a grant to fund their next trail improvement related project, which could range from trail clean-up, trail restoration, trail expansion, to name a few.

Various Wrangler and 4x4 groups and organizations, as well as those who manage publicly and privately owned trails are invited to apply for the grant. In addition, groups or organizations that manage projects to clean up and maintain nature preserves, walking/hiking trails and public parks are also welcome to apply."

We plan to host multiple volunteer days to clean up trash along the Wabash Trace, using the funding to purchase supplies and refreshments for volunteers. Look for an upcoming announcement at a trail town near you soon! Thank you to ExtremeTerrain for this support! More information can be found at:

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Found a cell phone around mile 4.5 on the trace. Call 402-517-7170 to identify.

Replying to

Thanks Elizabeth! Was the owner located?

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