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Izaak Walton Lodge
"Ike's Place"
paul andrea wedding front door
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Izaak Walton Lodge – Also referred to as “Ike’s Place”, the former Izaak Walton League Lodge and grounds were acquired by SWINT in the Early 1990s.  SWINT maintains the grounds and rents the building out for events.  It is a great location for weddings, graduations, anniversaries, birthday parties, family reunions, etc.  Ike’s is conveniently located on Highway 2 about 4 miles East of Shenandoah and is right on the Wabash Trace, for easy access by trail or by car.  Renovations are continually being done on the building.  The most recent improvement is the new steel roof, insulation and exposed rafters in the main hall.  Upstairs currently features a full kitchen and open hall with fireplace and two restrooms.  The basement has a separate access with restroom, shower, and small waiting area for campers.  For rental information, contact Amy Kelley at 712-215-5318 (texting is best).  If you're looking to locate it on your navigation, the address is 1474 US. Hwy. 2, Shenandoah, IA 51601.

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